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Hire A Live Band - Sound Limiters

In simple terms, a sound limiter – or noise limiter, does pretty much what it says on the tin – it controls the limit of the volume of sound produced within a venue by a Live Band, DJ or any other Live Act, ensuring the audible levels do not exceed an agreed set maximum volume/ output.

With the rise of numerous alternative venues available for hire for your Wedding or Corporate Event, there has in hand been an increase in the use of sound limiters. This is partly due to several venues being located in densely populated environments, as well as the power of local authorities to insist upon an installation of a sound limiter in order to renew, permit or grant an entertainment licence.

Sound limiters are installed in a variety of venues including nightclubs, public houses, bars and restaurants. With each sound limiter installation, an individual restriction of noise level is awarded to the venue. This will depend on the size of the room, the location of the venue and the level of noise that escapes the venue / room during a performance.

Sound is measured on a scale in decibels (db) with a jet aircraft taking off at approx 300 feet away registering at 130db, and a typical office environment at 40db. An un-restricted band depending on the line up, may produce a reading of around 95-120db, however it is important to understand that the sensitivity of a sound limiter will also vary greatly between venues according to the rooms natural acoustics and the position of the sound limiters microphone - key to picking up the reading!

It is always best to discuss and check if there is a sound limiter installed with your chosen venue before booking your live entertainment. We always advise to ask them if they have had live bands perform at their venue previously, especially if the type of band you wish to hire uses an acoustic drum kit. We are of course happy to discuss this with your venue / as we the band may even be able to adjust our line up to a more stripped back acoustic version or use electronic drum kits to perform within the restrictions.

In any case, most sound limiters operate on a traffic light system, ensuring that the band can adjust their volume and levels accordingly during the performance or sound check to prevent the performance being disrupted and ensuring that your event runs smoothly with a great live band.

Want more advice? Need to know more? Booking a band for your chosen venue should be simple – We are here to help. Contact

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