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Hire A Wedding Band - The Do's and the Don'ts.

Wedding Band For Hire

From the moment the marriage proposal is accepted, the fabulous journey towards wedlock begins. Once the excitement and celebrations with friends and family of your engagement has calmed, it’s heads down and thinking caps on as the planning of your wedding gets underway.

It seems that Hollywood legends can’t get enough of getting married – the late comedy genius Richard Prior married 7 times, Elizabeth Taylor 8 and with a staggering 9 weddings under her belt – at 99 years young, Zsa Zsa Gabor holds the title for most wedded celeb!

Even my own Father popped the question recently at 71 years old :-)

For most of you it will be your first (and no doubt with intent - only) trip into matrimony.

For some it may be the second or third wedding, but whatever your answer, one thing can be assured – it doesn’t matter how many times you have been married, this wedding is for you and your fiancée – which by its very nature makes it unique, a first and ‘the most important wedding’.

So husband or wife, or partner to be - be prepared for the bombardment of chaos.

The disagreements, the harmonious approach portrayed in the films and advertising a far cry from reality. The budget, the venue, the colour scheme, the who to invite, the who you ‘don’t dare’ invite; the dreaded table plan, the chair covers (“Who the hell needs chair covers – what next Cushions he cries – reluctantly she was right”) the family – oh the bloody family and the Best Man – will he remember to bring the wedding bands – “What’s a wedding band’ he shrugs – “The Rings you fool” – aha that reminds me – add to the check list – Hire a Wedding Band!

So at some point between the frantic thumbing through numerous bridal magazines,

The weekend over zealous trudge to various wedding shows, the help advice and opinions of everyone which eventually will become a blur and the nail biting experience of the choosing and fitting of the dress - time will come for you to give yourselves and your guests the biggest knees up this year and get in touch with ‘Delta Band’ to book your wedding entertainment.

So when is best to get in touch to hire a band?

We have people booking us for their wedding up to 18 months in advance of their booked in wedding date. The usual lead time is between 6 to 9 months in advance, but the truth is, as much as we would like you to book a band tomorrow we would advise strongly NOT to book the band until you have put a deposit down on the venue and have this confirmed.

There are various reasons for not booking a band before a venue.

Firstly; Venues come in all shapes and sizes, so depending on the venue, the space available may not be compatible with the floor space required to accommodate the band you wish to have perform.

Secondly; To this, fueled partly with the increase in unique wedding venues – for example converted listed buildings in built up areas, light houses, manor houses etc. Due to their location, some of these venues may have ‘sound limiters’ installed. We will be explaining sound limiters in detail in a later blog, however to give a very simply description, a sound limiter controls the volume of sound within a designated area, thus not to interfere with or upset neighboring residents. It is important to understand that if a venue has a sound limiter, it does not mean that you are restricted from having a live band perform at your wedding. Different venues will have different restrictions – therefore for example with two venues both fitted with sound limiters – a rock indie band you have chosen to hire may be able to perform at one of the venues but not the other. ‘Delta Band’ can guide you through this and advise in detail should your venue utilize a sound limiter, so feel free to get in touch.

Thirdly; Should you book a band before a set date and confirmation from the venue, we can not guarantee that the band will be available should you need to change the date. Most live acts, particularly during the peak wedding season, will be committed to bookings. In addition to this, when a price is provided, the price is inclusive of any travel and accommodation that might be required for the band to perform at your chosen destination, should this change, the band may need to revise the costing accordingly, which may not always be favorable to you.

So what is our best advice for booking a wedding band?

Which ever comes first, the venue or the live band, give us a call or drop us an email.

Let us know what you want in terms of music, style, one female singer or two female singers,

Or even male & female!

We understand that you may not have a ‘fixed agreed contract with the venue’ but you will have a rough date in mind. With this we can let you know if the band is available on that date that suit your brief. We may not advise you to book the band yet, but we can keep an eye on the date for you.

With over 12 years experience of weddings ‘Delta Band’ are one of the best UK live bands for hire, you can be sure to find the right band for your wedding entertainment with us!

Covering musical styles including Rock, Pop, Indie, Soul Motown, We have it covered.

Organizing a wedding can be a hugely fun experience, but also for some hugely stressful. Booking a wedding band should be simple – keep it simple and give us a call! Contact

We are here to help.


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